prismtmWe are the Oscillators of OneInkStain who are making waves woven by various mediums. We are accompanied by a mass of creative energy build in us by the journey we have taken.

We exhibit our artistic behavior in a different but aesthetic manner.

We are first transmitted to an infinite access of inspiring mediums: the bounded, the linear, the homogeneous, the odds and the future, leaving us in motion as we absorbed these things that strikes us.

And then we come together to a surface to reflect and interfere to create a pattern. With this phase in motion we understand the mediums and spread out the meaning into a new form. We would want to call this form as “white light”.

Finally we polarize our motion ready to be dispersed by letting the white light pass through you. For you are the transparent element unscathed by our ideas that we want to portray. So when the white light past through you,it is you who gather in the colors and these colors cannot fractionate by anyone else. And the white light is what OneInkStain stands for.