Events (Berliner Liste 2013, BERLIN)

One Ink Stain was invited to participate in the Berliner Liste 2013 Contemporary Art Fair Berlin, from the 18th Sept. to the 22nd Sept. on its 10 year anniversary.

BERLINER LISTE is a celebrated and popular contemporary art fair, held annually, that is renowned for showcasing an excellent and varied selection of art from around the world. This years show was curated by Dr. Peter Funken and featured 131 exhibitors from 30 countries, including such renowned names as Apteka Sztuki (Poland), Galleria Unique (Italy), Alchemy (Russia), Pheed eu (Spain) and many more. Over the course of four days, the fair welcomed over 10,000 collectors and art lovers, from all across Europe.

One Ink Stains first outing in the 2013 fair was a resounding success. We had visitors from across the world, enthralled with our unique themes and novel techniques, which broke away from the traditional fare Indian art is usually associated with.

Our artwork received high praise from the curators, art critics and general public alike, for its contemporary take on novel Indian themes, depicted with the combined mediums of graphics and photography. So much so that One Ink Stain was featured in various world media, including German print media and online blogs authored by recognized critics of art.