About Us

We are a progressive design team led by an eccentric yet passionate creative head, with a quirky and fun take on modern art. We incorporate a fresh approach to contemporary art one which combines varied fields of photography, graphics and mixed media to arrive at thought provoking, original art pieces, customized to suit every palette. Our approach is an unconventional and individualistically meaningful one, with a clear objective of delivering the finest art at approachable and affordable prices.

Within this site you will find a wide variety of contemporary art styles to choose from and a wider set of customization options. Beginning with print size options, mounting / framing preferences and even the mediums you would like to print on. If all of these options are still not enough, we up the ante further by offering you our one-off custom designed art pieces for which you provide us with your vision & ideas and we bring it to life as an exclusive masterpiece just for you.

For our corporate clients, we have an exhaustive section which promotes the idea of using real & graphic art in Office spaces, Hotels, Institutions and Hospitals, giving what are traditionally stuffy environments, a warmer and a more aesthetically pleasing feel. Every one of these is customizable to better fit your corporate guidelines and mood boards.

For our private buyers, we have a wide selection of masterpieces to suit any residence or interior. Given that Homes are our speciality, we have developed a pool of art, that will instantly give your Living Room, Bedrooms, Kitchens or any other environment, a decidedly unique character. You can further customise each of these to match the colour palette in your home space.

Our discerning clientele can rest assured that we use the finest quality canvases, papers and the most cutting-edge printing techniques, to ensure that our clients receive the best on offer.

For those that don’t want to leave the comfort of their homes & offices, our online store is coming soon. Here you will be able to customize and order your prints with a few simple clicks of a button and have a museum like masterpiece delivered right to your doorstep.